SmallTrades Portfolio


Legend: The table displays the 2017 year-end composition of my investment portfolio. In the table, “ETFs” refers to exchange-traded index funds. “Ticker” is the asset’s trading symbol in U.S. stock exchanges. “Allocation” is the percentage market value of each asset in relationship to the total market value of the portfolio. “Reserve” indicates readily available cash. “Hedge” identifies ETFs with returns expected to offset the market trends of the remaining ETFs. “Drip” signifies the automatic reinvestment of dividends being earned from long term investments in ETFs and stocks. “Growth” stocks are expected to earn long term capital gains. “Swing” stocks are expected to earn short- or long term capital gains based on a pre-defined range of price growth in belief that I purchased the stock of a good company at a bargain price. “Speculation” is my guess that the sales of a small company’s product are destined to drive the growth of the company’s earnings and its stock price.

Douglas R. Knight


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